Key Features

  • Interactive construction site concept
  • Tradeshow ready with interuptable "eye-catch" mode
  • Mobile device friendly
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One of the more exciting frontiers for the web is 3D visualization, rendered real-time in the browser with the use of WebGL. This is an interactive rendering of industrial bulk storage solution from Dome Technology and is presented in a “Kiosk Mode” for a tradeshow exhibit. This It features an eye-catch mode when idle and fully interactive at any time. It serves as a fantastic conversation starter at all tradeshows Dome Technology attends and runs buttery smooth on an iPad.

Since its all web based, it’s not limited to a tradeshow exhibit and can be enjoyed on all devices. That means that it can serve as the primary use as a presentation on touchscreen displays at a tradeshow, or on a tablet computer during a sales presentation, or as part of a company’s traditional website.