Key Features

  • Easy to use inventory search
  • Easy to manage inventory
  • Integrates with accounting software
  • Built on WordPress
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Deliver the information in as few steps as possible: the ideology that drove this custom web catalog designed for the used heavy equipment seller David Steed Company, and what distinguishes their catalog from the many others that clutter the internet.

Prior to their new website, David Steed Company had a web catalog like many others; It was cumbersome to maintain and confusing for their visitors. David Steed Company’s clients need to be able to quickly check for what new stock is available and easily find equipment they need. The inventory search is fast, shareable, searchable, filterable, and sortable on front end; while being a fully complete catalog and inventory history on back end including: inventory numbers, details about the history of the equipment, hours on the equipment, location, previous owners, etc.

The efforts made to make their inventory easy to navigate has lead to an increase of sales from no inquiries from online sources, to an increase of sales by ~15%. All while integrating nicely with their account software to manage sales.