Key Features

  • Flexible and customizable layouts
  • Layouts buildable from Admin panel
  • Built on WordPress
Check out the Site!

Designing for other designers is tricky task. The design taste of the firm needed to come through, but above their work needs to shine. Decorworx is a design and fabrication firm for retail interiors, specializing in grocery stores. Its work stands apart from the competition by having a more robust design process and a more contemporary aesthetic. Their site needed to not only reflected these values, but one that could be edited by Decorworx staff to take on the shape and content of their choosing.

The site is powered by ‘content blocks’ which are a set of horizontal bands that Decorworx can populate in a number of different configurations with a number of types of content to put into the blocks. The result is a near limitless combination of blocks that can be created, which allows their designers to craft pages to have unique layouts and just the right type of content for what each page requires.